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This is my first site dedicated to my all time favorite TV Series - ROBOTECH! As many of you already know there are three generations represented in the series...three generations - three wars. The Macross Saga, which begins in 2009 at the launch ceremony of the SDF-1. Captain Gloval ordering a space folds sends the ship and Macross Island into orbit around Pluto. After a two-year trek home the United Earth Council turns the ship away. We see a love triangle between Rick Hunter, Lisa Hayes and Minmei; these three characters are most likely the most important in the entire First Robotech War. During the voyage home the Zentraedi studied human culture, there eventually was defections and even a union between Max Sterling an RDF pilot and the ace pilot of the Zentraedi – Miriya. The Zentraedi Grand Fleet decimates Earth’s surface, the SDF-1 serving as a sort of "Ark" manages to help in rebuilding the planet. The last Warlord of the Zentraedi – Khyron launches a final assault in the winter of 2014, destroying both the SDF’s-1 & 2, and his own Monitor Battlefortress. The survivors of the war which included Rick Hunter, Lisa Hayes, Max Sterling, and Breetai, build the SDF-3 and leave the Solar System to search of the third moon of Fantoma - Tirol home world of the Robotech Masters. Ironically they're hope is to prevent another war. Fate would laugh at them. The Southern Cross story begins in 2029 with the arrival of the Robotech Masters to Earth. The daughter of Max & Miriya Sterling – Dana plays a critical part in the war. Along with General Emerson, Angelo Dante, Sean Phillips, and Marie Crystal. This war fought to the bitter end. Supreme Commander Anatole Leonard steadfast and determined to a fault on completely eradicating the invading aliens. The war comes to a tragic end as Zor Prime crashes the Masters flagship over the remains of the SDF-1 and spread the blooming Invid Flowers of Life all over the world. In the end Earth’s defenses were left tasting a bittersweet victory. A Sensor Nebula near Earth detects this and signal the Regis that the protoculture matrix has been found. In 2031 the Invid arrive and invade. The remaining Armies of the Southern Cross are easily routed by the Invid horde. They soon occupy the planet and set up protoculture farms all over the world. Small bands of resistance begin to spring up and attempt to hold fast as they wait for the return of Earth’s space explorers. In 2042 the Mars Division arrives in earth space, and after a grand battle the victory went to the occupying Invid. The sole survivor of that doomed assault was Scott Bernard. His Alpha Fighter crashing in South America he vows to complete his mission to reach the Invid Home Hive known as Reflex Point. Along the way he meets Rand, Lancer, Rook, Lunk and Annie, freedom fighters that unite with the Jupiter and Saturn Divisions in 2044 to retake the Earth. In the end the Regis transmutates her species into a Phoenix of energy, Admiral Hunter and the SDF-3 never returns from hyperspace, her whereabouts are still unknown…

Here I will post my fan fics written exclusivly for Robotech.com and also share with all of you all my ideas and thoughts on this exciting series. The site has been open since August 21, 2001. There have quite a few changes since the start, and there are many, many more sure to come. I wondered who this page could be dedicated to when it opened, but on September 11, there was no question as to who it would be. This site will forever be dedicated to those brave souls that sacrificed their lives to remind us all that "The price of Liberty is eternal vigilance."

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